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JohnGray Real Estate Ltd.’s success as a multi-faceted property developer and Construction company is a reflection of the provider’s exceptionally high standards and desire to exceed client’s expectations.



Layouts are suspended in innovation.We provide ultimate designs to our customers based on their home space requirements and imagination.


By understanding the market and having an appreciation of what our clients' needs are, we can offer our clients the newest in engineering, project management, and technology.


At the heart of our comprehensive construction solutions is Complete Project Management. It's a portfolio of services that include planning, design, procurement, construction, and implementation.


Consulting on your project means answering any and all questions, offering expertise and advice, and infusing your project with the experience we have accumulated over the past half-century.


Our strength is our ability to deliver unsurpassed service to our customers while understanding and managing a high quality construction project -- finishing it on time and within budget.


The most important resource in this procedure is our people. Their experience, coupled with our management process, provide our clients with the perfect combination of construction management and complete project management.


Be results oriented, employing a focused approach while maintaining a flexible organization that can overcome challenges by thinking outside the box.

Specializing in Estate Design, Building, Entire Project Management and Consulting, Serviced Plot sales, we have the ability to provide ‘one-stop’ finish to options under one roof.Whether your requirement is to use your own building program or to pick from our barrage of state of the art plans John Gray Real Estate Ltd. (Construction Department) offers the complete package in construction .

In light of the JohnGray Real Estate Ltd. is one of the nation’s fastest growing property developers.


  • Outdoor kitchen (cooking, refrigerators and sinks)
  • Laminate countertops in the kitchen
  • Outdoor fireplace
  • Sunroom
  • Two-story family room
  • Media room
  • Two-story foyer
  • Walking/jogging Paths in the community
  • Whirlpool in the master Bath
  • Carpeting as the flooring on the main level



Top 6 Things Real Estate Agents wish you knew

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents sometimes despair at the knowledge and activities of homeowners and potential buyers. Here, we set out a list of the six things they wish you already knew.

Real Estate

 Clean it up!

It’s really incredible how many potential homeowners don’t realise the impact a duster can have on making a sale. It’s easy not to see clutter too when you live with it all the time. But if you’re wanting to go to market, make sure you look at your place with a newly critical eye:

– declutter,

– move toys for viewings,

– repaint the walls,

– clean the windows,

– and show as much clear, open space to your potential buyers as you can.

 Expect to negotiate:

The price you advertise is the starting point. You can stick steadfastly if you want to, but be aware that most potential buyers will see it only as a starting point. Whatever you do, don’t take price negotiations personally! They’re not judging you by trying to save 10k – they are just trying to agree the true market value. It can be a gruelling process but keep your chin up and look forward to making that sale.

 Purchase price is irrelevant:

Many homeowners are understandably concerned when they put their place on the market that they will make a profit from the time they have spent living in it and paying down the mortgage. From the buyer’s point of view though, the price you paid for it is less relevant than the current market comparables. if you’re looking like making less than you wanted to, maybe reconsider whether this is the right time for you to sell, but don’t blame your Real Estate Agent – they can’t lift the market at will. They wish they could though!

 Colors are not a permanent feature:

For those potential buyers among you, remember that the colors of decor that the homeowner has selected for themselves are not here to stay! The cost of redecorating is very small in comparison with the cost of purchasing a house, so make sure you hold on to that perspective as you nod politely at the aubergine -colored tartan carpets running up the stairs.

You don’t have to talk about potential:

Real Estate Agents are happy of course to find potential buyers looking for a bit of a project. But they also want buyers that are ready for the finished product – that’s how the market turns! So if you see something you really like, you don’t have to start thinking about which wall to take down or where is the best place for an extension. Promise!

 You’re allowed to look at the storage space:

If someone has let you look around their home, then any built-in storage space is part of the deal and you are perfectly at liberty to take a look. Don’t ask your Realtor first though – we operate a don’t ask don’t tell policy when it comes to snooping.

Real Estate Agents are generally a friendly and goal-orientated bunch. If you’re serious about your transaction then we’re bound to get along. But these top tips just might help ease the way.

Happy hunting!


How you make Money in Real Estate

Real Estate

If a person knows the real estate market they can make a lot of money. Buying and selling homes can be very profitable. This is how you can make money in real estate and increase your net worth.

Real Estate

 Purchase land:

While many people think they need to purchase homes to make any real money in real estate a piece of land can be worth a lot. The land around an existing home can add to the value of the home and increase the asking price. Land can also be subdivided into smaller units. This will allow you to divide the land into smaller units and sell each one for a profit.

 Purchase Small Apartment Buildings:

A small apartment building can have between 5 and 10 units. Each unit can be rented out. Since the building is smaller, less maintenance is going to be needed. Since there are not as many people you can also charge more money for rent. While these properties are still going to need to be managed, it is a lot less work than a large apartment building and a nice way to make money.

 Mobile homes:

Many people do not give mobile homes a second glance. Investing in mobile homes can be profitable. Mobile homes are inexpensive to purchase and they can be put on private land. Renting out a mobile home can be a nice way to make extra income. Selling the home and renting out the land that it is on is also a way to make extra income.

 Purchase Foreclosures:

When purchasing a foreclosure be prepared to put some work into it. The home is going to need to be fixed up. Foreclosures can be purchased at a very low price. If you are handy you can do most of the work yourself. Once the home is restored to a nice condition it can be sold for a profit. This is one of the most popular ways to make money in real estate.

 Rent to Own :

This option is popular for people that cannot get a traditional mortgage. You can charge a person rent and give them the option to put some of that money towards the purchase of a home. This usually allows you to charge more money for the home each month. If the renter decided to purchase the home you are going to make a profit. If they decide not to purchase the home you keep the money you were charging them and still make a profit. This is a great way to attract new renters and you can make some good money doing so.

These are some great ways to make money with real estate. Once you purchase a property you can rent it out for a residual income or you can resell it for a profit. Real estate makes it easy for you to make a nice amount of money with the sale or one property.

Do you know the Signs of a Local Real Estate Bubble?

Real Estate

Are you planning to invest in Real Estate business? Then, this is the best site to caution you of a local real estate bubble. Real Estate investments are very profitable and financial trends are galore. Unless you invest at the right time, you are likely to experience huge losses. This may be as a result of a Real Estate Bubble. For instance, in 2008 there came a crisis which faced Real Estate Business in the US. Many investors lost their property and incurred tremendous losses. The guys who bought houses during the bubble ended up paying heavily or selling their property at a throw-away price. Unfortunately, this was foreseen by some individuals long ago before the actual timing of the bubble (Fred E. Foldvary (1997).

If each individual would tell of the future, it will be awesome. Do you know the signs of a local real estate bubble? Below find some of the signs which will warn you of a local Real Estate bubble.

Real Estate

Unstable economy and shaky loans:

Subprime lending increases the possibility of a real estate bubble. During the 2008 recession, their shaky loans contributed a lot to the bubble according to Jonathan Miller, the CRP and Miller Samuel Inc. president.

Funny enough, the US government offers supportive loans (with a 3.5% down payment, for example, the ones offered by the Federal Housing Administration) to individuals who would love to own a home. This is a bit risky and can scare many Real Estate investors –who once incurred a loss.

High leverages:

The lower the down payments made, the higher the leverage. Jonathan Miller refers a bubble as huge leverages made using the lenders’ money. He uses New York City as a relevant example where high leverages are being used. The average person pays a 35% down payment if the purchase points are below half a million.

Assets value increasing beyond the capability of the market:

If the costs of renting or buying a home exceed the salaries of the majority, there is a possibility of a local real estate bubble. If the people have to struggle to make their both ends meet in order to rent a house, it’s a discord (Michael Kelczewski- a real estate agent). This attributed to the real estate bubble which was experienced in 2008. In the New York City, the value of the assets had exceeded the salaries of many people. Nowadays, there is an observable balance between the two.

Rise in the interest rates:

Many people comfortably purchase houses when the interest rates are low. If the interest rates increase gradually, the number of people purchasing the houses reduces. The houses become unaffordable for many people (Juan Diaz, Real Estate investor in Northern California).

Difference between Agent, Broker & Realtor

Real Estate

The real estate business has plenty of professional members who work at different positions within this field. Each position is designed to perform a specific function related to the real market. The following information will explain the difference between an agent, broker and realtor.

Real Estate

Real Estate Agent A License is Key to this Position:

All states have requirements that each person must fulfill before they can become a real estate agent. The requirements for this position include classes and taking exams. In addition, each state might have other expectations such as age requirements, a police check and/or residency requirements. Each state has their own licensing standards. A person will have to figure out the requirements for their state if they want to work in this field.

A Job Description for Realtors:

A realtor is a person that is a part of the National Association of Realtors. This professional organization has been around for well over 100 years. Its mission is to make realtors more profitable and successful in their business. It is also a self-regulatory organization to ensure that realtors are conducting the best practices when selling commercial and residential properties.

Real Estate Broker Job Information:

Real estate brokers are former agents that have been educated beyond state requirements. For example, in some states having an associates degree is expected for a real estate agent. However, if a person decides to get a bachelor’s degree instead; they will be considered a real estate broker. All brokers will also need to pass a broker’s license exam. Once a person has their broker license they will then be able to work alone or to hire broker agents to work for them.

Associate Broker Positions

Associate broker positions are for brokers who choose to work under a broker. These individuals can work alone, but to gain valuable experience they decide to work with a competent and tested broker who has been working in the field for some time.

Interchangeable Titles and Responsibilities:

In a sense, all real positions can have interchangeable titles and responsibilities. They can also perform the same functions such as:

  • Buying property.
  • Selling property.
  • List properties.
  • Interview clients.
  • Discuss sales conditions.
  • Make contracts for selling or buying properties.

The average consumer might not understand the technical differences between real estate position. However, they do not need to have this understanding. The main thing to remember is that all real estate personnel has the ability to buy and sell properties.

Residential property buyers and sellers will typically need an agent or broker to buy or sell their home. However, a realtor can perform this function as well. Commercial property buyers will typically higher brokers and realtors who specialize in this type of transactions.

Once again, that does not mean that a real estate agent cannot sell commercial property. The point to remember is that most real professionals specialize in a specific area of the property market. This way, they can develop experience and a solid knowledge for the types of structures they want to buy and sell.

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